Looking for a little inspiration? So were we. Then we discovered a group of students from Greenwood Laboratory School in Springfield, Missouri. Working closely with these teenagers, we have been able to provide some amazing promotional products that met their fundraising needs. BPA Free water bottles made out of completely recycled material helped this organization to return over $500 on their original investment! Let alone, they were sporting some pretty stylish t-shirts throughout the school year.

The relationship between Ad-On and Sustainable Solutions goes hand-in-hand. Last year we were helping them to fund raise and produce products that would get their organization off the ground. This year, we are full time collaborators with this group; signed on to commit a one-year sponsorship agreement! You could say that the zest for marketing environmentally friendly promotional products is challenging but if you know what you want, amazing things can happen!

Recently, the Sustainability group at Greenwood was featured on the cover of the Springfield News-Leader~ wearing our shirts! In the article, President of the organization, Junior, Riley de Leon said, “The most important thing I’ve learned has nothing to do with sustainability.” “What I’ve learned is about leadership. In working together, you have to make sure that everybody in the group has equal opportunity and equal obligation,” he said. As you can see, this organization understands that sustainability is about more than just recycling. They recognize the positive impact we can have on our community and the environment by simply taking the time to educate current and future generations. The steps required to foster a better environment are not taken lightly when left in our hands.

We at Ad-On, strive to integrate the broader meaning of sustainability into every aspect of our work and throughout our lives. This prompts us to be open minded thinkers in regards to our impact on the environment and the valuable natural resources we use.

Sustainability is a journey, which never ends. It requires passion and dedication, initiative and ingenuity, insight and obligation. However, this journey, though filled with ever-evolving challenges and opportunities, will ultimately distinguish our group of students as committed, environmental stewards.

As a not for profit organization, this group continues to establish realistic and achievable environmentally friendly goals. With a focus on achieving sustainability through ongoing improvements that protect our environment, our students, and the Springfield community, Ad-On is proud to be supporting such a zealous cause.

As the group continues to grow, we will be there side-by-side. We are committed to actively reducing the environmental impact from our once daily operations. These efforts are not only an integral part of the value we bring our community, but they drive us to go beyond the basics of cutting waste and existing efficiently. To read more about the Sustainable Solutions group and our partnership please visit the link below to their Facebook page, follow us on twitter, or like us on Facebook, to join in the sustainable odyssey.